Team Behind The Project

Meet the team behind the MGEN project. We are always looking for passionate & experienced people to join the team!

Sanjay Patel

Founder & CTO

Sanjay is head of development and architect of the MGEN network, experienced in scaling large servers, payment systems and general server/client development.

Justin Dean

Founder & CEO

Justin is the leader and motivator of the MGEN team. As CEO he is setting a vision to create usable solutions built on a revolutionary new Blockchain platform.

Kane Brown

Founder & COO

Kane is a blockchain enthusiast, trader and entrepreneur, with a background in IT sales & management. Kane has a far reaching vision for a connected world.

Jon Levesque


Jon has helped bring several world renown Microsoft SaaS products to market and will be focusing on Marketing MGEN to Developers and End Users.

Aymen Hamze

Community Manager

Aymen manages MGENs online presence. Utilizing his dynamic technical abilities he continues to develop our digital and social media presence.

Tobias Fuchs

Community Manager

Tobias is the teams community and forum manager. Tobias has a deep passion for community engagement and rich discussion

Riley Ellett

Foundation: Project Manager

15 years in management and deep understanding of corporate development, networking & investing. 5 years experience investing and working in the Blockchain industry

Advisors & Support Members

Gerrit Schafrath

Business Development

Gerrit Schafrath is a proven senior operations manager within financial services, with experience leading teams through economic cycles and change management directives.

John Will

Business Networking

John Will is a globally renowned martial arts trainer and self made businessman. As a self published author, active entrepreneur and investor, John’s knowledge is a great resource and asset.

Stay Informed

Stay informed of news, events and information relating to the MGEN platform and its progress.