What Defines MGEN Blockchain


MGEN’s consensus-based network allows nodes to transact and create blocks via a parallel, multi-threaded system across...

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Node Network

MGEN features both “light” and “full” node types. Full nodes will store the blockchain’s entire history, while light nodes will record a...

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Network Load Balancing

Nodes will be governed into clusters determined by the amount of nodes on the network. Clusters are created by....

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Multi-Token Sidechain

MGEN’s network features a token-issue API system that gives users the ability to create new stand-alone blockchains. This process...

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Smart Contracts

The MGEN network will have the ability to issue smart contracts in a variety of methods from simple click-and issue to full code....

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MGEN utilizes a unique patent pending Proof of Reputation (PoR) system to apply reputation levels to each node attached to....

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